Flowers of Blessings –

Inspired by popular floral pattern found in traditional Hak-ka art in Taiwan, the Formosa island, these flowers represent beautiful blossom of blessings for the new year to come!
By: Guest Artist


Maple Tree –

Splatter watercolors to capture the kaleidoscope of fall.  This technique is easily taught and can be done by all aspiring artist.
By: Guest Artist


Blue & White –

Inspired by the Blue and White of Delft China of old Europe's Amsterdam, which  was originally inspired by porcelain from China.  This lantern takes a modern twist of painting the white on dark blue rather than the more traditional blue paint on white background.
By: Guest Artist


Chinese Mu Dan –

Queen of Flowers in China! It symbolizes wealth, nobility and high-end beauty in Chinese culture. It’s often featured in Chinese artworks, and now on this beautiful lantern!
By: Art Teacher Bai


Pokémon –

Pokémon – are my favorite cartoon characters, so I wanna show them on my lantern. I chose these two Pokémon because their colors, reddish and yellow, are the main colors Chinese people use in celebration. In addition, I chose Torchic, the chicken like Pokémon, because next year (2017) will be the year of chicken (rooster indeed). I also chose Pikachu, the mouse like Pokémon, because he is the most popular Pokémon. Pokémon on lantern, so cute!
By: Colin, age 9


Lifestyle Lanterns –

Lanterns used to be living tools that Chinese people carry in hand and enjoy in mind. Drawings on lantern often express the drawer's anticipation of life. Like the one I drew, that a little boat is rapidly passing through the layers of mountains, implies my belief:  besides muddle along, life also means poetries and destinations. The poem on the other side, written by famous Chinese ancient poet Li Bai, contains similar life ideality.
By: Wendy


Riot of color for winter –

The Chinese New Year takes place in the middle of winter and these flowers were painted in bold and striking colors to remind us of the blooms that will be just around the corner of the next season. 
By: Guest Artist


Butterflies –

Colorful butterflies dance on the paper lantern to express wishes for happiness.
By: Volunteer who cannot draw


Angry Bird –

3D decoration on lanterns that will become a kids’ delight in the LIGHTUP festival! Make more friends, like Panda, Monkey King, hello kitty…. to join the Angry Bird!
By: Wendy