Event Details




100 Friday Center Drive

Chapel Hill NC 27517

FEBRUARY 18, 2018

11:00am to 6:00pm


Free for children under 10, students and seniors. $5 admission for all others. Donation boxes are available throughout the event venue and will go to local arts and public school programs.


Food and beverage, pets, weapons are not allowed



Make a lantern of your own that matches your hope and creativity! Lanterns are symbols of hopes and wishes and the central theme of LIGHTUP 2018. There will be cartoon animal lantern makings that will delight younger minds. Buy 10" or 12" solid color paper lanterns ($3 each) and decorate them at various stations assisted by FRANK artists and community artists. You can purchase a battery kit ($2) to light up your lantern and join the spectacle of a-thousand lantern parade in the twilight!

Time: 11AM-5PM


Come to learn the basics of dragon dance! Chinese dragons are symbols of nobility and prosperity, and dragon dance is an art of teamwork. Register your team for the dragon dance workshop, get a good workout through the twisting and turning movements and win a prize for your team in the dragon dance competition! There will be a sixty-foot dragon and a smaller forty-foot one. If you are interested in organizing a team to join the dragon dance workshop and competition, please complete the Registration Form . The participation fee is $5/person. We will organize competitions and announce 3 winning teams at the end of the day!

Time: 11AM-5PM


Come to experience the excitement of drumming and dragon dance at the beginning of the event! Watch the singing and dancing from local artists and oversea. There will be Peking Opera and music ensemble performances throughout the day. Join a flash mob performances through the venue and be part of the celebration. This activity is free. If you, your business, or your community is interested in performing in the event, please complete the Performance Registration Form.

Time: 11AM-5PM

ARTS & CRAFTS ($3/kit)

Let your inner artist flourish! LIGHTUP offers DIY art and craft activities that share the cultural traditions covering 5,000 years of Chinese history. Each booth celebrates creativity, diversity, and the unique identities that make Chapel Hill the community we love. The craft kit is $3 each.

Time: 11AM-5PM

PHOTO BOOTH ($3/each)

The Photo Booth has a variety of photo drops that represent Chinese architecture and culture scenes. Costume rental from different dynasties and ethnicity groups available on site.

Time: 11AM-5PM

GAMES (Free)

  • Riddles
  • Catch the dragon tail
  • Chopstick games

Time: 11AM-5PM


  • Technology Frontiers at RTP
  • Education for Future (CHCCS)
  • Youth IT Presentation
  • Peking Opera Workshop
  • Chinese Traditional Music Workshop
  • Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Time: 11AM-5PM

FOODS (vary)

  • Baozi
  • ChirbaChirba